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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Protect Your Investment by Voting

Call me a nerd. I love to watch city/village council meetings on public access television. Though we live in Beverly Hills, I watch both Beverly Hill and Birmingham meetings, the Cable Board, Planning Boards and whatever else they broadcast on Comcast Channel 15. I even watch some Bloomfield Hills school board meetings, though our daughter is a few years away from being enrolled anywhere. I find local politics pretty fascinating. I also find out a lot about what is going on in the area before it actually happens. Sure, some of the topics they discuss are not really that interesting to me. Watching the cable board meetings has in no way made me happier with rising Comcast bills and the complete lack of competing services (like Wide Open West) we have in this market. But I digress... Recent Beverly Hills meetings have been more entertaining than many shows on network TV. Elections were held in September and the makeup of the current council was determined by 4 votes. Now you can sense the tension in the council room during the meetings, and tempers have flared. Things seemed calmer under the previous council, but this group is just getting settled in, so we shall see how the state of our fair village progresses under new leadership. Regardless of how I feel about the politics of anyone on council, I SINCERELY appreciate that members of our community commit their talent, time and energy to doing what they feel is best to improve Beverly Hills. Elections in Birmingham and Berkley are just around the corner. Judging by the number of yard signs up in Berkley, voter interest is high. If you are a voter in Berkley or Birmingham, you owe it to yourself to be educated about who you want to be running the city. As a homeowner you have a major investment to protect by casting your vote in the city council elections.

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