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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Will wireless work for our vacation?

Last January Dmitry and I went down to Florida for vacation. We were in the midst of negotiations on homes for a couple of clients, so we hoped that technology would help us to make sure that they got the service that they deserved. With fax service on the laptop, our usual real estate software, and cell phone service, I had hopes that we would make it. Of course, reality struck the moment we arrived at our rented condo and I found that there was no land line for me to use for internet access. Woops! At 6 am I was calling all of the local phone companies in the yellow pages. I had to wait through the weekend, but in a few days, SBC connected a phone line for us and we used an AOL dial up account that we had acquired just for the trip. Our cell service was spotty, but we managed to make it through all of the negotiations. We wrote contracts from Fort Myers, emailed them to our clients, who then printed them out, signed and faxed them back to us on the laptop. We could then forward those digital faxes back to our office and on to the other agent in just a few key strokes. For the most part, it worked out pretty well. Fast forward to eight months later and we are headed "Up North" for Dmitry's first trip north of Flint! I am excited for him to see the beauty of Northern Michigan. This time our vacation technology plan includes a new laptop with a wireless card. The next step will have to be to find out if our cell phone carrier's wireless internet will work up there and to figure out how to get it to work with the laptop. This time I would like to know in advance that my technology plan will get us through our vacation! Jumping through these hoops makes me an even bigger fan of Oakland County's desire to offer wireless access throughout the county. It will be great for all kinds of businesses.

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    Anonymous Dmitry said...

    Honey, I'd been there and done that before, remember? Up North, I mean.

    7/30/2005 09:24:00 PM


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