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Friday, July 29, 2005

Market updates from the back porch

This really isn't noteworthy, but it is exciting to me, so allow me to be self indulgant. This weekend I will be working on a new batch of market updates to publish on and send around in our monthly newsletter. Its something I do every month, so nothing thrilling there. The exciting thing about this month is that yesterday I successfully set up a wireless network at home, so I will be writing from the back porch. For those of you who have had a two year old in your life, you will know that there is no better place to be ALL DAY than outside (for the 2 year old, that is). Well, Grandma's house is better and so is the Ice Cream place, but. . . So now Katya and I will achieve mutual joy, as she has free reign over the back yard, and I can still catch up with things on-line while she drops pebbles into the air conditioner and picks the far-from-ripe tomatoes off the vine. Its going to be a good weekend for both of us!

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